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Professional Pool Service

We have been providing Lakeland and Polk County residents with professional pool services for more than 30 years. We are members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FCPA).

pool cleaning and pool service in lakeland flWhenever you dive into your pool to spend a relaxing afternoon swimming in the glorious sunshine, you want to make sure your pool is sparkling clean and free of water-borne bacteria that could be harmful to your health.

Weekly Pool Service

A professional pool service is the best way to maintain a healthy and safe swimming pool all year long. After all, there is more to servicing a pool than simply vacuuming the floor or skimming leaves off the surface. Our pool service technicians are certified professionals who participate in continuing education staying abreast of best practices for pool safety. And when you subscribe to our weekly pool service, the technician performs a variety of important services including a visual pool inspection, water testing, checking the drains, filter, skimmer and pool pump and performing other maintenance duties as required.

Water Testing

Testing the water is the single most important part of any pool service. Normal use of the pool, rain, humidity and evaporation can affect the water quality. Our technician will collect a small sample of the pool water and test its alkalinity, acidity and calcium levels. Depending on the test results, the technician will add Chlorine and other chemicals to bring your pool chemistry into perfect balance to ensure a healthy and comfortable swimming experience.


Our weekly pool service also includes vacuuming the pool. Using an industrial strength water vacuum, the technician thoroughly cleans the entire pool from top to bottom removing any dirt or debris that has floated to the bottom. The pool walls are also cleaned.

lakeland fl professional pool cleaningClearing Debris

The pool pump is the heart of your entire pool system. Without it, your pool will not be safe for swimming. During the weekly pool service, the technician will inspect the drain, filter and skimmer and clear any debris that could clog the system and impede the function of the pump. The technician will perform a backwash of the system when necessary. If any problems with the pump are detected, the technician will recommend repairs that can be made before a more expensive problem develops saving the homeowner time and money

Lakeland Pool Service – Not just clean. Sparkling Clean!

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