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With Lakeland Pool Service you’re swimming pool never looked so clean! Proudly serving the Lakeland community for than 30 years, we are Polk County’s oldest and most trusted pool cleaning service.

Regular pool cleaning is the best way to ensure your pool is safe and healthy for swimming.

Without regular cleaning grime, algae and bacteria will grow in your pool rendering it unhealthy for swimming. And heavy rains can upset the delicate pH balance making your pool unsafe. Also, adding too much chlorine makes swimming very uncomfortable. Only trust fully-insured, certified and licensed professionals to clean your pool.

We love cleaning pools as much as our customers enjoy swimming.

That’s why we completely clean your swimming pool scrubbing from top to bottom to help prevent rust, bacteria and algae growth from clouding your pool. And, we maintain your pool at a perfect pH balance which not only ensures a healthy and safe pool, but also provides a fun and comfortable swimming experience for the entire family. Regular pool cleaning also helps prevent debris like leaves, stones and other small objects from clogging your filter extending the life of your pool pump.

Lakeland Pool Service is available in Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City, Lake Wales Lakeland, Winter Haven and other Polk County communities.

Protect your Pool Investment

Our swimming pool cleaning service is very affordable and protects one of your home’s most valuable assets. While a clean and sparkling pool can add value to your home, a filthy and unusable pool detracts from its value. So even if you’ve got an ugly green pool, our green-up program will bring it back to life.  Let us get rid of your ugly green pool so you can enjoy the fun of swimming in a clean and healthy pool year-round.

clean pool in lakeland flWe’re Your Local Pool Cleaning Experts

Not only have we been cleaning pools since 1984, we’re continuing members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). We participate in continuing education to stay up-to-date with the latest pool cleaning and safety best practices.

Contact us to start your pool cleaning service today! Ugly pools, no problem. Not just clean. Sparkling Clean!