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Pool Pumps & Accessories

Lakeland Pool Service carries Hayward and Pentair pool pumps for immediate installation for pool owners in Lakeland and Polk County. In addition, our certified technicians service and repair most pool pump brands. Our pool pumps are in compliance with the Florida Energy Efficiency Code.

repairing pool pumps in polk county flPool Pumps

The pool pump is the most important component for maintaining a healthy pool. It works by pulling water into the skimmer and filter and returning clean chlorinated water into the pool. If large objects get stuck in the skimmer or drain or if the basket is not emptied on a regular basis, the pump can become inoperable and will no longer be able to disinfect the pool. This means that the water in your pool is no longer circulating and the stagnant water can become a potential source for bacteria and viruses that can cause water-borne illnesses. A lot of times when clients upgrade their pumps they remodel as well.

2-Speed Pool Pumps

In an effort to reduce energy costs and power consumption, the State of Florida enacted legislation in 2012 mandating the use of energy-efficient 2+ speed pool pumps and motors. According to Florida Statute 553.909 (4), residential pool pumps and motors sold on or after December 31, 2011, must be in compliance with the Florida Energy Efficiency Code for Building Construction. In addition Florida Statute 403.9.4 of the energy efficiency law regulates the type of pool pumps and motors that can be installed.

The new 2-speed energy-efficient pool pumps can save homeowners up to $90 per month in energy costs which more than offsets the cost of a new pool pump.

If you have a single speed pool pump, contact Lakeland Pool Service and learn how you can cut energy costs with the installation of a 2-speed pool pump today!

Electric Pool Heaters

Our sunny Central Florida weather makes swimming an enjoyable year-round activity. But on those beautiful winter days, it can be a bit too cold to jump in the pool and many residents simply avoid using the pool during the winter. With an energy-efficient electric pool heater, the water in your pool will be maintained at a comfortable temperature allowing your family to spend more time enjoying the pool all year long, day or night.